All Natural Ingredients


All Natural Ingredients

Choose from over 50 uniquely diverse flavors of our all-natural, gluten-free ingredients homemade ice cream menu.

Happy Sun Ice Cream has been serving the SWFL area for more than ten years. With three ice cream shops, one newly opened shop located in Cape Coral next to Bravo Super Market, our famous ice cream shop located in Fort Myers- Ortiz Avenue, and one located on 41- Cleveland Avenue, Happy Sun Ice Cream offers the best homemade ice cream menu with fun and unique flavors. Our ice cream menus us diverse with delicious homemade and creamy, deeply satisfying treats that will leave your taste buds asking for more.

Whether you like conventional flavors, fruity and refreshing flavors, exotic fruits like tamarind, passion fruit, soursop, red flesh or mamey, or the all-time favorite pistachio, or bold flavors like Rice Pudding, Tequila, Baileys, Rum Raisin or all of the above, Happy Sun Ice Cream has an incredibly diverse selection of more than 50 flavors and toppings. In our homemade ice cream menu you’ll find vanilla and chocolate and even bubblegum water-based or milk-based popsicles, and don’t skip over our legendary special nachos, homemade snacks, natural juices, and smoothies made to order, which are all equally outstanding.

So, come and get your happy on while enjoying the glorious healthy chunks of fruits and an entirely all-natural menu along with a great family atmosphere. Stop by with the kids, the entire family, or bring the whole team after their football or baseball games and bring the coach, too! Both of our Happy Sun Ice Cream locations have plenty of space and ample seating areas for the convenience of all.

We are confident that you’ll become a regular after you try our all-natural, gluten-free, and unique homemade ice cream and other options from our menu!

Homemade Ice Cream Menu

Coconut | Gansito | Pina Colada | Superman | Mamey | Oreo | Pinyon | Nance | Kahlúa | Pistachio | Bubble Gum | Sour-sop | M&M | French Vanilla | Strawberry | Nut | Cotton Candy | Rum Raisin | Lemon | Coffee | Chocolate  | Gummy Bears  | Angel Kiss | Caramel | Chocolate Mint

Popsicle Flavors

Water-Based Popsicles

Strawberry | Tamarind | Tamarind with Chamoy | Passion Fruit with Condensed Milk | Lemon with Condensed Milk | Mamey | Lemon | Mango | Mango with Chamoy | Pineapple | Guava | Watermelon | Coconut | Tequila | Soursop | Strawberries and Kiwi | Nance | Chile Mango | Pineapple with Chile | Melon | Grosella

Milk-Based Popsicles

Strawberry | Rice | Chocolate Vanilla | Mamey | Coconut | Strawberries and Cheese | Fruits and Cream | Soursop | Gansito | Rum Raisin | Pistachio | Superman | Yogurt with Strawberries and Bananas | Greek Yogurt with Strawberries | Greek Yogurt with Blueberries | Bubble Gum | Walnut | Peanut | Coffee | Nance | Cheese | Strawberry Yogurt | Pinion | Mango | Oreo | Cookies and Cream

Chocolate Covered Popsicles

Chocolate Covered French Vanilla Ice Cream  | Chocolate Covered French Strawberry Ice Cream | Chocolate Covered Coconut Ice Cream | Chocolate Covered Pecan Ice Cream | Covered with Sprinkles, Coconut or Pecan

Slushy Flavors

Mango |  Mango with Chamoy | Tamarind | Tamarind with Chamoy

House Specials

Chocolate Covered Banana with Sprinkles | Chocolate Covered Banana | Chocolate Covered Banana with Coconut| Chocolate Covered Banana with Walnuts | Banana Split | Strawberries & Cream | Frozen Yogurt with Fruits


Coconut | Gansito | Piña Colada | Superman | Mamey | Oreo | Pinyon | Nance | Kahlúa | Pistachio | Bubble Gum | Sour-sop | M&M | French Vanilla | Strawberry | Strawberries and Cream | Strawberries and Cheese Pine Nut | Cotton Candy | Rum Raisin | Lemon | Coffee | Chocolate  | Gummy Bears  | Angel Kiss | Caramel | Chocolate Mint | Cookies and Cream | Mango | Baileys | Butter Pecan

Natural Juices Flavors

Coconut | Jamaica | Piña Colada | Pineapple with Mango | Lemon | Strawberry | Horchata Special | Fruit Mix | Passion Fruit | Strawberries and Lemon | Cucumber, Lemon and Chia Seeds | Tamarind | Melon

Natural Smoothies Flavors

Mamey | Strawberry | Banana | Papaya | Banana and Strawberries



Pork Crackling | Pork Skins | Corn in the Cup | Special Nachos

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