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Coco | Gansito | Piña Colada | Superman | Mamey | Oreo | Piñon | Nance | Kahlúa | Pistacho | Chicle | Guanabana | M&M | Vainilla | Fresa | Nuez | Algodón de azúcar | Ron con Pasas | Limón | Café | Chocolate | Ositos de goma | Beso del ángel | Caramelo | Chocolate con Menta

  • One of Happy Sun Ice Cream Shop's most popular flavors is Baileys Ice Cream. This ice cream is Irish cream flavored and loaded with Maraschino cherries and chocolate chips. Our Baileys Ice Cream satisfies even the pickiest of palates.
  • You'll go nuts for our butter pecan Ice Cream! Happy Sun Ice Cream Shop's decadent butter pecan ice cream is made with all-natural ingredients to satisfy even the pickiest of palates.
  • Happy Sun Ice Cream's Cherry Ice Cream is loaded with natural ingredients and chunks Maraschino cherries, giving it the ultimate cherry flavor without an artificial taste. Our Cherry Ice Cream is sure to please even the most renowned cherry enthusiast. Stop by and try it for yourself today!
  • Calling all Cookies and Cream Ice Cream lovers! Happy Sun Ice Cream's Cookies and Cream Ice Cream puts a twist on the classic flavor with its all-natural vanilla ice cream. Stop by and try the difference natural ingredients can make!
  • Calling all M&M Ice Cream lovers! Happy Sun's M&M Ice Cream consists of all-natural vanilla ice cream and loads of chocolatey M&Ms. What more could you want?
  • Happy Sun Ice Cream Shop's Mango Ice Cream is every Mango lover's dream! Our mango flavored ice cream is blended with chunks of fresh, mouthwatering mango to give it an extra boost of flavor. Stop by and see what you're missing today!
  • Happy Sun Ice Cream's Piña Colada Ice Cream is a tropical paradise that you can taste! Our all-natural vanilla ice cream combined with fresh chunks of pineapple  make for a mouthful of sweet and tangy flavors in every bite. Please your palate and try it today!
  • Pine Nut Ice Cream is just one of the many different and delicious ice creams Happy Sun Ice Cream Shop offers. Its combination of natural ingredients and crunchy pine nuts make for a surprisingly sweet and savory pine nut flavor. Stop by today and try it for yourself!
  • Happy Sun Ice Cream's Rum Raisin Ice Cream puts an all-natural spin on an American classic. Made with dark spiced rum ice cream, raisins, and other natural ingredients, our Rum Raisin Ice Cream is sure to cure anyone's sweet tooth with its creamy goodness.
  • Are you craving Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream? We have the solution! Happy Sun Ice Cream's Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream consists of fresh strawberries chopped up and blended with all-natural vanilla ice cream. Its chunks of fresh fruit and creamy consistency will win over any strawberry enthusiast.
  • Happy Sun Ice Cream's Strawberry and Cheese Ice Cream combines strawberries in strawberry sauce and cream cheese with their all-natural vanilla ice cream. Our Strawberry Cream Cheese Ice Cream has the same rich and creamy flavors you would find in your favorite strawberry cheesecake! Stop by today and try it for yourself!
  • Are you craving Strawberry Ice Cream? Happy Sun Strawberry Ice Cream is better than the rest because it is made with fresh, all-natural ingredients. Our strawberry ice cream has loads of real strawberries blended in as well. Stop by today and taste the difference!
  • Happy Sun's Super Man Ice Cream is just as delicious as it is colorful. Its natural ingredients and colorful layers make our Super Man Ice Cream an instant hit with children and adults alike! Try its goodness today!


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